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what we grow?

We take special care to select and grow specific crop varieties where exceptional flavor is the focus, with a determination to bring the best-tasting produce. Aeroponic grown veggies provides a great advantage, as using no soil eliminates the soil born illnesses that plaque lettuce and other greens. Our primary crops are basil, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, melons, oregano, thyme, Strawberries, and soo much more. We are even working on raising citrus trees in Ohio, which has yet to be done commercially. As our farm grows our goal will be to focus our crops on exactly what our clients wants. We desire to provide the best produce in Ohio.

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how we work?

Our desire is to donate 10% of our crops to local food banks, to help feed our community. We also believe that growing Non-GMO,Non-Pesticides, and not in soil is very important to TFF. The reason is simply, because we want to provide our community with the healthiest and safest produce at affordable prices. Seeing people making a choice on traditional or conventional crops, because of a budget, is very sad to us. Growing Indoors and Vertically in an Aeroponic system allows us to grow 7 to 15 crop cycles per year versus only 1 to 2, in a very small footprint. We use 90% less water than traditional farms.

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who we are?

Tierney Family Farms, is an indoor vertical aeroponics farm in Columbus Ohio Metro Area. Simply put we grow fruit and veggies year round, without soil, no pesticides, Non-GMO and all year round. How about the freshest vine ripened tomatoes in February ? Our farm is currently experimenting with methods of growing citrus trees in Ohio. Citrus takes forever to come to Ohio, and then the quality is always unreliable. fresh lemons, limes, oranges harvested during an Ohio winter. Imagine year round Ohio Pomegranates. Tierney Family Farms, makes it possible.

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Central Ohio Grown
Citrus coming 2020
One of Tierney Family Farms projects is currently growing Lemons, Limes, and Clementines indoor and without the use of pesticides. In Ohio our winters have been quite prohibitive for growing citrus. The amount of Sunlight has made overwintering citrus trees very difficult as well. Our state of the art LED full spectrum lighting represents the various spectrums of light produced by the sun, and growing indoors allows us to ensure these trees get all the good growing light and conditions they desire. We strive to bring fresh soil free, year round citrus to Ohio, with our first full harvests in early 2020!
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Tierney Family
Farms Indoor Aeroponics
Always Fresh
Imagine daily harvests of your favorite lettuce, basil, tomatoes, watermelons, and so much more. The best part is we don't stop growing just because it's winter. Always fresh and local.
Keep You Healthy
No herbicides, pesticides or soil born diseases to potentially harm you. Only the freshest, safest, and most enjoyable produce.
Safe From Pesticides
Pesticides are scary, many harm beneficial pollinators, imagine what they are doing to our bodies. Organic methods of controlling pests are better. The best methods are when avoiding the use of spraying pesticides is possible.
Keep You Healthy
Fresh natural fruits and veggies are a great way to be healthier and happier.
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Why choose
Tierney Family Farms?
Benefit from cleaner produce
Tierney Family Farms, uses indoor vertical aeroponics, meaning our produce never touches soil, or bugs. The produce receives the exact measurement of water and nutrients it needs to grow into ultra tasty, healthy goodness. Imagine about not having to worry about pesticides, or taking time to pull off dead leaves, or remove soil remnants.
Year Round Growing Season
Ohio is a great place to grow food, everyone knows that. The challenge is our weather sometimes is prohibitive of certain types of food, or year round growing in general. Since our farm is growing everything indoors, we are able to provide the highest quality produce year round. Imagine fresh just harvested lettuce, kale, tomatoes, in February. In the 2019 growing year we also expect to bring Ohio, locally grown Lemons, Limes, and Oranges! Yes we are planning on brining Citrus to the greater Columbus metro area. We are very excited about being able to grow year round.
Reduce pollution, protect water resources, and reduce environmental impact.
Our vertical aeroponics systems produce hundreds of pounds of produce per week in a very small footprint. Limiting the need for expansive amounts of land. Technologically advanced systems ensure that no more or no less resources are used than needed. 90% less water is needed, as our system recirculates the water and resources. No harmful runoff of fertilizers or pesticides every occurs, as the system is a complete loop. Pesticides are not needed, because all the produce is grown indoors, all reducing impact on the environment. These processes also provide the safest, cleanest, best tasting non gmo produce ever. Feel safe knowing your customers, and families are getting the best nutrition with no compromises.
Some farmers have gone to GMO products to help in the fight against bugs, or to enhance their produce in some way. We believe it's better to find another way. With our Indoor Vertical Aeroponics system, are farm is able to never use and GMO seeds, and ensure only the highest quality produce for your family.
No Bugs!
Growing indoors, and without soil or soil alternatives allows our farm to essentially create a bug free environment. All our produce is grown from seed or by cloning the best producing plants that were grown from seed, ensuring there is no bugs that are hitchhiking a trip into our farm. Creating a bug free environment allows for the cleanest, freshest produce, all without having to spray our food with potentially harmful chemicals, only the best for our community.
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Upcoming Initial Crops, Planting in October 2017.