Welcome to Tierney Family Farms
a little story about us


Nicci and Chris have always been very interested in Agriculture, Dachshunds and Disney. During one of our trips to Disney we found how interesting Aquaponics, Aeroponics, and hydroponics in general really could be. These concepts and technology was very cool to see. Our love for creating food for our family and friends led us to having over 20 fruit trees, a large garden, and multiple berry patches in our small suburban yard, we truly are urban farmers. Last year Nicci and I decided to purchase an Avocado and Clementine tree, even though we have nice bay windows we quickly learned supplemental lighting would be needed. This led to Nicci suggesting creating a grow room in our garage to over winter our sun loving trees, tomatoes and peppers. Shortly after this Chris had an MBA project that required creating a business that didn’t exist in our local area. Developing an Indoor farm was the natural choice. The research for this project demonstrated this was much more feasible than one would think. After the project was completed, Nicci and Chris both spent extensive amounts of time researching even more equipment, determining vendors, learning about the proper techniques an so much more.Nicci has extensive experience owning her own businesses, so this is definitely a great advantage. The decision was made that having an indoor farm would allow us the opportunity to help our community by donating 10% of our crops to local food banks, and providing the highest quality produce, without soil and pesticides. After 6 months of very intense research Nicci and Chris created Tierney Family Farms as a LLC. Currently the selection process for the right warehouse (indoor farm facility) and financing companies is under way. Vendors for the aeroponic equipment has been selected, and our technology allows for maximum production and super fresh and healthy produce. Currently smaller scale versions of our commercial systems are running in our grow room, and our first harvest should be in September. The goal is to have our farm established in the new facility with the first crop being planted in October. Mid November will be our first fully commercial harvest. The plan is to start with Cherry tomatoes, and Basil. The citrus trees are growing very well, and in a year we should be harvesting indoor citrus in Ohio, imagine that. One of the best parts of our farm will be the 365 day growing cycle, every day of the year will be a harvest even during winter. Tierney Family Farms looks forward to providing the cleanest, freshest, and healthiest produce in Ohio.

Why choose our indoor vertical aeroponic produce?
Eat More Healthfully.
Obtaining the recommended daily fruits and vegetables.
365 Day Growing Cycle
Traditional farms are limited to growing seasons, for many crops in Ohio this is not always the best. Our farm is able to provide our community with produce that doesn’t make sense for most Ohio farmers.
Fresh & Pesticide Free.
We deliver pesticide-free and sustainably-grown produce.
Community Focused
Our farm is very committed to our local community. Our deepest desire is to donate 10% of all of our produce to local food banks and shelters to help those in need. We also have a driving desire to ensure that the community is able to have fresh produce year round, regardless of what time of year it is. Safety is a priority and our farm grows crops in the safest manner possible. We love our community.
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